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Quest for Marriage and Traditions in Kavita Daswani’s For Matrimonial Purposes

. Abilashini. C and Dr. S. Florence


The novel For Matrimonial Purposes focuses on Anju, who dreams of her marriage. As Anju’s marriage is very difficult to finalise, she follows the words of an astrologer and a swamiji. They advice her to follow fasting on Monday, for it is the best day for Lord Shiva and advises her to pray God by giving some mantras. Anju follows these old beliefs to satisfy her mother. At the meantime she wants to get married. Some proposals come close to marriage but she rejects them, because they chose Anju as their wife only to fulfill their domestic purpose. She wants to lead her life freely. So she goes to America and succeeds in her career and creates her own identity. At the same time, she is conscious of the insecurity of her parents, her own isolation, and desire to get married.

Keywords: Culture, Domesticity, Host Culture, Marriage, Tradition.

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