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. M. Thangajesu Sathish and Dr. V. Sornaganesh


The present pandemic COVID-19 has resulted in global challenges, economic and healthcare crises, and excess impacts on the global industries, including tourism and travel that the major contributor to the service industry globally. Before COVID-19, travel and tourism had become one of the most central sectors in the world’s economy, accounting for 10.2% percent of global GDP and more than 320 million jobs worldwide. The tourism industry has met the COVID-19 tourism impacts hardest hit and lies among the most dented global industries. The leisure and internal tourism indicated an abrupt decline amounting to 2.86 trillion US dollars, which quantified more than 50% revenue losses. Tourism-dependent countries will likely feel the negative impacts of the crisis for much longer than other economies. Travel companies had to reposition themselves for the post-pandemic market by activating a new strategy based on leisure travel. The need for social distancing and decongestion of booking centres has forced for adoption of digital approach to book tickets. This has been implemented on a large scale in the sector. The digitalisation of ticketing in the initial phases prior to electronic reservation system made it likely for people to book a ticket from any corner of the country. The study discusses direct COVID-19 online travel industries impacts, attitudes, and practices in gaining the industry's boom and recovery.

Keywords: Digitalisation, impact, pandemic

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