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Actual Situations of LNT Companys Employees in Puducherry: An Empirical Study

. Dr.R.Sivakumar Assistant professor Department of Business Administration Government Arts College, Kulithalai, Karur District-639120 Tamilnadu


L&T Company is most famous one in India’s various cities with the symbol of producing and manufacturing various types of iron, steel pillars, beams and supporting pillars. It is used to make strong and steady building durably in various nook and corner of the Indian cities, additionally it has been used for various projects, road and building construction in India’s villages, at present without steel and iron nothing could be possible in human being life .LNT company has been major supporter and encourager and motivator of the various contractors and building owners to complete their task timely. From its inception to now has been dedicated at several projects such as road laying, cannels construction, bridge construction, skyscraper building construction ,metro railway construction, foot bridge construction and reservoir making .Its mammoth and steady service in the field of construction and iron manufacturing activities are led to create huge employment activities across the India and world ,apart from that it protects  lakhs of  worker’s future and career by providing salary and career opportunities at divergent fields. This study is attempting to analyse  working nature, scale pay, hours of working ,bonus ,job security in both permanent and impermanent employees .Though this company seems to be one of the biggest and largest one in multiple cities ,its employees life ,income ,mental calmness  and peaceful working natures are the subject to be analysed to know wholly about company nature and growth. In general client and may be big in its size, building, infrastructures and investment but it employees will suffer and worry not able to government said benefits though they work more hours for their survival. Best companies have to follow government’s norms and procedures in terms treating employees and providing salary unless and otherwise it will lose company image from the heart of employee’s thought .In this sense this study has chosen this company which is located at sedurapet in the border of Tamilnadu Jurisdiction ,surrounded villages are popularly know Puducherry and Tamilnadu villages from which it gets most of workers both male and female people for lowest rate ,many of them having certain feelings to revel to interviewer about their needs and necessities to be implemented .

Key Words: Labour, Income, slary, inconvemiece, working hours, ESI, Pension schemes and annual salary hike

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