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Womens Responsibility in India’s Civil Society

. Dr.J.NAGARAJ Assistant Professor Department of Sociology Rani Anna Government College for Women Tirunelveli


Since Indus valley civilisation to present era of modern world in India, women have been an important element, part and organ of the family system. Their role in family has been so important and unavoidable and unpreventable in determining all types of family issues. Without women in family, its nature, type and progress would not be elegant and beautiful in terms of organising, integrating and structuring family’s needs and necessities .Regarding sweeping, washing, cleaning, preserving, protecting and make progressing family, house and other items in residential places, women have been playing much vital role. More than male women in all family settings have vital, sincere and serious responsibility in terms of rearing children, begetting children, arranging all facilities to be family members and fetching income for meet unforeseen expenditures. Though male are useless, spendthrift and lavish in India’s family system toward protecting family system, it’s neatly and perfectly is being protected by women toward aching progress, stability and development in family structure. Families would be good, super, neat, elegant, perfect and peaceful in terms of income, child rearing, family running, revenue making, and responsibility imbibing and moulding family structure. From all types of world’s civilisation women’s role had been played vital role in terms of defeating enemy ,conquer territory ,occupying provinces, ruling countries and making polices ,without their role men’s mind would not function in proper way toward making policy and initiating other welfare privileges for the people’s progress and development. World system has been witnessed and proved that all types of incidents, discoveries, inventions and developments are happened in the field of administration, economic, agriculture, health, Medicines, telecommunication and science and technology along with women’s cooperation and collaboration for wholesome development. Their roles have been epicentre and central theme of social, political, economical and political progress in useful and fruitful ways. Either family progressing or stunning at backward is defends upon the nature of women’s role and male’s role toward thinking ,determining and deciding about family’s needs in positive aspects and ways .Though family is at edge of the deteriorating conditions it would be protected and stopped by the women’s thoughtful and creative deciding and thinking ,in general world criticising  male people could be impossible one at all level of family development and strengthening because they are working and putting enormous role in initial times to structure family ,strengthen children’s life and careers ,after that they are working ceaselessly in all fields to keep happy family members with all welfare facilities .According to their hard work done regularly nature of earning and working may be varied and found laborious   and unwillingness ,at this time women’s role  is important to organise ,strengthen ,develop and nurture family member’s life along with family development. The habits of saving, earning, working hardly and thinking about family developments of the male people and female people constantly go together without any split and crevice,the hard working nature of the male people in poor family makes them to become disinterested  in ability to work additionally as they worked at initial days and years for protect family pulls women’s into family system to strengthen ,structure and design their family needs.

Keywords: Women Role, Revenue Making, Family Coordination, Development, Structuring Families and Cooperating proclivity

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