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Exploring the Factors Affecting Knowledge Sharing Practices in pharmaceutical Industry in Tamilnadu

. K.Renganathan and Dr. T.Pandian


The aim of the study is to explore the factors affecting knowledge sharing practices in Pharmaceutical industry in Tamilnadu. This paper seeks to address the following research questions: How industry professionals conceive about their attitude towards knowledge sharing practices? What are the professionals’ perceptions about the users’ attitudes towards knowledge sharing practices? And what are likely to be the factors that affect knowledge sharing practices? The methodology of the study includes quantitative approach. The study has been conducted through a survey using a pre structured questionnaire. The structured questionnaire was given to 30 industry professionals who are working in two separate parts of the pharmaceutical industry through personal contact. The respondents were selected randomly from two separate parts of pharmaceutical industry (25 from the main manufacturing block and 5 from quality control block). We received 23 responses, for a response rate of 76.67 percent. The results of the study show that 82.6 percent professionals are confidence and 17.4 percent are enthusiastic in knowledge sharing while 91.3 percent respondents perceived that users are friendly, 4.3 percent perceived that they are not friendly, and 4.3 percent perceived that they are embarrassed in knowledge sharing. This paper yields some factors affecting knowledge sharing practices in pharmaceutical industry as follows, individual/human factors, organizational factors, and technological factors. It investigates the original views of the industry professionals regarding these factors. The pharmaceutical industry authority should take initiatives to improve knowledge sharing practices to cope up with the increasing need for knowledge.

Keywords: Knowledge Sharing; pharmaceutical industry, Tamilnadu.

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