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Essence of Human Resource in Promoting Industrys Development A Critical Study

. Dr.K.Rukmani Associate Professor Department of Business Administration Annamalai University Annamalai Nagar Chidambaram Tamilnadu


World consists plenty of resources as a mark of producing ,beautifying and promoting this eco system and environmental structures, from its various resources human being and manpower are being as one of the notable ,needful and necessary resource of operating various companies ,industries and corporate, without this resources nothing could be done in all systems of political ,economical and social because it  has been vital elements and organs of the companies and administration, especially in industries and companies man powers are needed in perfect manner to increase its capital, infrastructure and property. Both company and human resources are interlinked and twined with an interest and aim to operate company and industry in an outstanding way. To run and operate company and industry human resources are being  one of the pillar and engine  because  it is used to carry out all  types of works and activities in an efficient ways for attain its desired goal and objectives .In terms of occupying sales market, production ratio, order, of exports  and imports human resources are playing vital and effective role because above mentioned points are most important one in all types of companies .If a company being so famous in above mentioned ways definitely it could able to shine splendidly  by satisfying employees’ needs and necessities. Working nature of employee in all companies day and night surely impinges on creating standard revenue, income and growth with an interest touch planned and designed goals thereby welfare and needs of the both employees and companies could be accomplished efficiently .In existing organs and recourses of the company and industry human resources are being most essential and important one in terms of deciding, determining and developing industries’ needs and growth. Through human resources important decisions, policy and programmes are arranged to attain and catch desired marketing and sales strategy. For propel company ‘s needs and make progress in sales ,production and manufacturing human resources are playing vital role and important to accomplish all types of  work ,commitment and work load, by implementing planed goals and polices with an interest and aim to compete in international market and domestic market though there were various competitor to overcome menaces  company. The best manpower and human resources in companies are determining the best and supper growth of its products without lapse and mistakes. Owners of company and industry are being carefree and happy by believing all hard work off all employees and workers because company protects its workers from all their personal and revenue shortages problems according its proportional growth. In best company and industry managing directors will provide all types of privileges to its employees and workers because they are most important and paramount elements of company’s growth .Both companies and employees are being roadway and bridge of companies and industries growth with an ambition to reach and travel its well planned concrete goal. All types of goal, ambitions, achievements, success, needs, consignments, commitments and strategy would be achieved through employee’s day and night hard works in regular scenario, life, career, surety and security of company’s growth could be achieved neatly and effectively   when human resources put its effervescent role in their works.

Keywords: Importance of HR, Essence, Development, Growth Rate, Income multiplication and Companys improvements

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