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Emerging Trends on Road Transportation in Economic Development with special Reference to cuddalore District

. Dr.G. Ravi and S. Kiruthika


          In any economy transport infrastructure act like a baseline to ensure continues smooth flow of movability of public and goods as input and output from all economic sectors. The transport service sector forms the backbone of social and profitable development of a country. It has surfaced as the largest and fastest growing sector in the world frugality. It has been a major contribution to India’s GDP and second largest employer after agriculture. Transportation is an exertion it’s generally involved in movement of people and goods. Transport services drastically increased and in recent times, this demand has shifted to substantially road transport. Easy availability, inflexibility of operations, door to door service and trust ability has earned road transport a decreasingly advanced share of both passenger and freight business than other modes of transport. Weak transportation sector and non – effective services directly increase cost and time of goods reach their destination and affect the people’s standard of living. In this study explain a brief preface and review of generalities, theoretical studies on the trends on service sector in profitable development. This composition aims to assay the recent trends in transportation services sector in cuddalore district.

Keywords: Transportation sector, service sector, GDP, Economic development.

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