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Study of Dengue virus by Serological test and Rapid PCR

. Vishwa R. Ray and Dr. Prashakha J. Shukla


Dengue fever is a viral infection spread by arthropods and caused by four antigenically distinct dengue virus serotypes. Around the world, this disease is regarded as a major public health concern. Dengue fever is currently without an approved vaccine or antiviral drug for prevention and treatment. Furthermore, the clinical signs and symptoms of dengue are similar to those of malaria, chikungunya, rickettsia, and leptospira. As a result, for disease confirmation and patient selection, a quick and accurate laboratory diagnostic test is critical. Traditional dengue virus diagnostic procedures include viral detection in cell culture, serological testing, and reverse transcriptase PCR amplification. The standard laboratory techniques for identifying dengue fever during the acute and convalescent phases are described in this publication. Then, utilizing specific transducers, biosensor-based assays for the detection of dengue disease are investigated.

Keywords: Dengue, diagnosis, detection, biosensor, PCR, dengue specific IgM/IgG, NS1, viral isolation


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