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A review of the Gonypetidae Westwood, 1889 Dictyoptera Mantodea with two new records from Sindh, Pakistan

. Sadaf Fatimah, Riffat Sultana, Imran Khatri, Sajjad Ali Larik and Aneela Chandio


The main aims of present study were revision of family Gonypetidae and documentation of new records, habitats, morphological characteristics, morphometry, and global distribution of praying mantids from this region, during October 2018- September 2021. The first established was family Gonypetidae by Westwood, and it has been revived as part of a major emendation of mantids taxonomy. Gonypetidae Schwarz & Roy, 2019 are a new family of praying mantids, based on the type Gonypeta genus. Memantis fuliginosa Thunberg, 1815 and Humbertiella ceylonica Saussure, 1869 new records from Sindh, Pakistan. The distribution records of species from various districts of Sindh Pakistan are augmented.


Index Terms- Pakistan, Sindh, Gonypetidae, new records.

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