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. Dr J. Ravi


Fisheries play a predominant strategic role in the economic activity of our country by their contribution to income, food and employment. The present study attempted to evaluate dry fish vendors' satisfaction and marketing problems in the Therespuram area of Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu, India. The study relies on both primary and secondary data. It is descriptive as well as analytical. Using interview schedules, primary data was acquired from 50 dry fish traders in the Therespuram area of the Thoothukudi district. A field survey was conducted from February to April of 2022 in various locations. For three months, the data was collected. Data were analysed using statistical tools such as percentages, averages, standard deviation, t-test, chi-squared test, ANOVA and probability analysis. According to the report, 38% of vendors sell 1-5 kg of dried fish per day, 32% sell 5-10 kg per day, 18% sell 10-20 kg per day, and 12% sell more than 20 kg per day. Those 24 (48%) respondents have chosen dry fish vendors to earn an income, 13 (26%) respondents have chosen dry fish vendors to meet family expenses, 5 (10%) respondents have chosen dry fish vendors to supplement the family income, and the remaining 8 (16%) respondents have chosen dry fish vendors to provide education to their children. According to an inquiry into their problems, the dried fish sellers appear to be having multiple problems. Low-value fishes are a major concern for 42% of respondents. As a result of shouting in the streets to advertise their presence, 28% of those polled experienced throat discomfort, and 14% believe leg and hit pain to be a health issue. Another 16% feel that holding produce on their heads causes regular headaches. Our research found that dry fish farming is both monetarily and commercially feasible. Dry fish production procedures were found to be lacking in terms of sanitary standards. Fisheries' improved drying processes demonstrated effectively by research organisations should be promoted among dry fish manufacturers.

Keywords: dry fish vendors, nutritional security, processing, marketing, canning, freezing, preservation.

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