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Transformative Leadership of MK Stalin: A Ray of Hope for Downtrodden People of Tamil Nadu

. A.Paneeraselvam and Dr. R. Moorthy


World is full of ambitious political leaders, but few have good leadership skills. Many political leaders lack honesty and accountability, two crucial leadership attributes. "Politician" has numerous bad implications. Experience informs us that just a few come close to leadership ideals and demonstrate significant political leadership indicators. Voting is the primary method of exercising power in democracies. In India, democracy has a particular place. In addition, India is unquestionably the largest democratic nation in the entire globe. Because India built a structure that includes multiple parties. It is to the advantage of democracy. Both in terms of its physical landscape and its cultural makeup, India is a vast and diverse nation. It appears that one of the current trends in the political landscape of India is the "ascension" of regional political parties. In recent years, regional parties have seen increases in both their overall membership and their vote share. On May 7, 2021, Muthuvel Karunanidhi Stalin, the president of the DMK and the candidate who led his party to a resounding victory in the Assembly elections, took the oath of office to become the new Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The state of Tamil Nadu is India's fourth largest and can also be referred to as the "Land of the Tamils." It is situated in the south-western part of the country. After being sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Stalin became recognised as a transformative leader due to his positive attitude and behaviour toward the people, particularly those who were disadvantaged. This contributed to Stalin's reputation. A leader who can inspire individuals as well as the social structures around them to change is a transformative leader. In its ideal form, it works to bring about positive and constructive change in its followers, with the end goal of developing those followers into leaders. The purpose of this research is to provide light on MK Stalin's transformative leadership among the disadvantaged communities of Tamil Nadu. The study will also demonstrate how the policies and programmes implemented by the government influence the more disadvantaged segments of Tamil Nadu's community. The significance of transformative leadership are also emphasised throughout the research.

Keywords: Leadership, Transformative, Change, Policies, Qualities, Democracy etc.

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