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An Analysis of status of Micro and Cottage Industries Workers in Puducherry Municipality Area

. D. Gnanadeiveegam and Dr. T. Sezhiyan


This is a spacious and broad world system which runs every minutes and seconds so speedily with lot of commitments, tasks responsibility and accountability without hesitation. In this fast and speedy running and movement concern and care of the labours are seemed to be pitiable and pathetic. Really, workers are classified into three dimensions one is skilled, unskilled and auxiliary labourers, these labourers’ rights are not properly cared, respected and protected by the most of companies, organization and industries. Most of them have been suffering and blaming under the merciless activities of the administrative peoples atrocious treatment. In many small scale industries and medium scale industries labourers are suffering customarily and habitually without an alternative way to get remedial measures. There is a lot of law as to how to get, treat and respect the labourers from the state and central government thereby rulers, managers and administrators of the various industries, unit and industries authorities are treating in inhuman ways and insulting ways. None of the owners, managers and administrators in many industries are not intended to care and treat their labourers on humanitarian ground and aspect thereby they are losing their peace, harmony and passions because, their huge power, property status and wealth status are making them to behave rudely ways with their employees. Despite there were labours court, federal court and administrative mechanism still labourers issues are happening and going on in nook and corner of the India’s society.


Key Ward: Political, Gender discrimination, human rights, contract labuor, and violence

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