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Dosimetry Control Of X Ray Radiation For Human DNA Safety

. Oladotun .A. Ojo, Musibau .A. Ibrahim and Peter .A. Oluwafisoye


The amount of absorbed X-ray dose by a particular human at a single exposure can have some effects on DNA. There is therefore the need to apply the correct range of dose to patients during X-ray exposures. X-ray films from exposed adult patients were collected for use at a hospital. Each of the film’s optical densities was measured at various spots on the film and averaged as the mean, which is then converted to the absorbed dose using a model. An estimated range of absorbed dose for the films was found to be between 0.83 mGy to 8.86 mGy. The results were compared with the 1.2 mGy value, which is the absorbed dose that should not be exceeded during an exposure, so that the DNA is not altered. The doses above this value are capable of doing harm to the human DNA. As a result, that ionizing radiation of low dose values can produce an effect on human DNA, hence this occurrence may be checked with a research work of this nature.

Keywords: Absorbed dose, DNA, radiographic films, optical densities, ionizing radiation.

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