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Morphometry and illustration of the immature stages of Truxalis fitzgeraldi Eichwald, 1830 (Acrididae) from Sindh Pakistan

. Sajjad Ali Larik, Riffat Sultana, Muhammad Saeed Wagan , Imran Khatri and Samiullah Soomro


This study has been carried out on the immature stages of phytophagous grasshoppers so the major aim of this study is to support the taxonomists and agriculturists in order to identify the phytophagous immature stages and their nature of damage in crops. The knowledge of diversity, ecology and taxonomy of immature stages of grasshoppers is very poor in Pakistan. On the basis of above facts, we contributed a brick of the knowledge to explore the morphometric study of immature specimens of Truxalis fitzgeraldi with their damage, habitat and distribution in Sindh, Pakistan. The adults and nymphs not only reared under laboratory conditions but agricultural fields also were surveyed to explore the immature stages and to capture the specimens respectively. Each stage of instars have been observed during the growing phase of T. fitzgeraldi till their adult stage. Moreover, this study also contributed to explore the identification keys, digital images of instars and line drawing along with their ecological distribution.

Index Term: Immature, Phytophagous, Truxalis, Ecology, Diversity.

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