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. Ms. S. Chris Roshal and Dr.N. Maria Nevis Soris


The emergence of green marketing due to the increasing awareness on numerous environmental problems has been inviting a lot of attention across the globe. Environmental issues play an important role in the current commercial world. Green marketing has led to a shift in consumer’s lifestyle. Most of the governments across the world have attempted to regulate green marketing practices.  When environmental concern started occupying the centre stage and ecological problems were riding people’s mind, a new segment of consumers portrayed green purchasing behaviour by adopting to less ecological concern and non- toxic products. The change in consumer preferences towards adopting green lifestyle has brought upon more challenges on the companies. Many organisations and entrepreneurs have taken this opportunity to implement green initiatives in order to reduce environmental degradation. When a person implements business with a view to manufacture green products that does not harm environment and is economically viable, such person is termed as green entrepreneur and such activity is called as green entrepreneurship. This paper aims to study the conceptual theory about green entrepreneurship its importance and also highlights certain green entrepreneurship practised in India.

Keywords: Green Products, Green marketing, Green Entrepreneurs, green entrepreneurship.

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