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Indias Human Rights Education System: A Conceptual Analyasis

. KM Ashifa Asst. Professor in Social Work, School of Health Science, Istanbul Gelisim University, Istanbul -Turkey


Educating people about human rights is essential if we are to build effective defenses against discrimination and achieve social justice. In a participatory and immersive way, people learn about their rights and the rights of others. Due to the attention paid by nongovernmental organizations, the media, and litigators of public concern to increasing violations of human rights, such as custodian abuse, mass detentions without a trial and bonded and child labor and environmental harm, human rights education in India has become more relevant" (Ashifa,2020). As the "National Commission for Human Rights (NHRC)" gained more clout, a new way of thinking emerged in the country. The goal of this study was to discover which Indian governmental and non-governmental organizations are promoting human rights education.

Key Words: Human Rights Learning and Practice; Education, Sustainability, development

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