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Conceptual Analysis on Advocacy and Human Rights Awareness among Youth

. Dr. KM Ashifa Asst.Professor in Social Work Faculty of Health Science Istanbul Gelisim University- Turkey


All citizens are entitled to express their views. It requires a part in the creation of constructive spaces that promote mutual respect. By considering this worthy, the society provides more importance. Youth movements should be particularly focused on promotion and defence of human rights. A critical objective of educating the young would be to support their abilities and help cultivate all their values will be to prepare them for a bigger and better future. The present study analyses the role of youth and try to give an insight among youth to make them as advocate for human rights protection and promotion.The study conducted among youth in Kerala, India namely among National Service volunteers and members of Nehru Yuva Kendra's youth clubs. The poll sought to ascertain the state of human rights in the society and the extent to which youth are involved in promoting and preserving human rights. The level of youth understanding of human rights and their lobbying efforts for human rights promotion have been analyze. The study revealed the effort of youth for protecting human rights and developed an advocacy frame for promotion of human rights. It is as important to develop community and emotional and psychological maturity as it is to enhance intellectual capacities. In this context, brining human rights into culture is essential for sustainability.


  • Youth advocacy, human rights education, community-building, development
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