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Mechanical Characteristics of Mg/TiC Matrix Composites for Bio-Medical Application

. Daniel Lawrence I1, Sharon Staines R2, Sakthivel E3, Santhosh S4, Sakthivel M5


Magnesium matrix composites are widely used in biomedical application for it slight weight with improved strength, stiffness and bio-compatibility as a predetermined for biomedical application. The near to net shape of composites were fabricated through Powder Metallurgy (PM) routine to attain a high strength and fine distribution of particles. The improvement of mechanical strength in Mg matrix were attained by adding hard ceramic particles as Titanium carbide (TiC) with varying level of wright percentage (Wt. %). In this work, the physical and mechanical properties such as density, hardness and compression tests were carried out as per ASTM standards. The results revealed that Theoretical Density (TD) of composites increase with increase wt. % of TiC level and practical density shows lesser value than TD. The hardness of 8 Wt. % TiC shows 31.13 % increased hardness as compare to pure magnesium. The presence of TiC particles resist dislocation motion and improve the hardness of Mg matrix composite. Compression strength of composite increased with increasing Wt. % of reinforcement, due to effective compacting, sintering and TiC particles act as a load bearing elements hence composite material have higher compressive strength than pure magnesium. The results shows that the increasing mechanical properties were achieved by addition of TiC particles in magnesium matrix and it’s concluded as most suitable for Bio-Medical application. 

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