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Anti Skolem Mean Labeling of Cycle Related Graphs

. S. Alice Pappa and B. Belsiya


A graph G = (V, E) with p vertices and q edges where p < q + 1 is said to be an Anti Skolem mean graph if it is possible to label the vertices x Î V with distinct labels f(x) from {1, 2, …, q + 1} in such a way that when each edge e = uv is labeled with  if f(u) + f(v) is even and    if f(u) + f(v) is odd then the resulting edges are distinct labels from the set {2, 3, . . ., p}. In this case f is called an Anti Skolem Mean labeling of G. In this paper, we prove that Cycle Related Graphs are Anti Skolem Mean graphs.


Keywords: Anti Skolem Mean Graph, Anti Skolem Mean labeling, Cycle related graphs.

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