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Review of massive turbine foundation: Misalignment analysis of a large tabletop foundation

. Taufiq Rochman and Suhariyanto


The continuous manufacturing of more efficient turbines, together with stricter design and construction criteria for their onshore or offshore foundation structures, far exceeds the experience gained in the many disciplines. Soils with medium to high development potential are clays, whereas sandy soils have low to medium activity, low to medium sensitivity. That makes it ideal for embankment material. The risk of land subsidence owing to liquefaction during construction was assessed to be modest, with only two earthquakes generating liquefaction but not land subsidence. The natural frequency of the framed foundation structure (fn) should be compared to the engine operating frequency to determine the influence of turbine generator vibration on land subsidence (fo).


Index Terms- turbin foundation, tabletop foundation, misalignment, structural design, levalign equipment

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