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Ethical Hacking of IEEE 802.11 Encryption Protocols

. Sandesh Jain, Sarthak Pruthi and Vivek Yadav ,Department of Information Technology Delhi Technological University, Delhi,India


The widespread usage of smart terminals such as smartphones, which provide significant convenience in our daily lives, has resulted in an increase in information security issues. Researchers are increasingly concerned about network security and calculations. As more devices join a wireless network, important and sensitive data is transferred over the air between users, making data packets easy to sniff and grab. The purpose of this project is to perform penetration testing to find flaws in the WEP, WPA, and 802.11i WPA2, WPA3 security protocols, as well as to conduct anonymous attacks against them using the macchanger script. Penetration testing in WEP was carried out using Kali Linux and its Aircrack-ng tools, which exploited a 4-way handshake for WPA/WPA2.


Index TermsEncryption, Protocols, WPA, WPA2, four-way handshake, KRACK, WPA3.

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