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Perception of students regarding Clinico Physiological conference CPC an innovative educational intervention a cross sectional study

. Attiqa Khalid, Sadia Nazir, Uzma Zafar, Zaima Ali, Anser Asrar, Abdul Majeed Chaudhry Lahore Medical and Dental College, University of Health Sciences


Physiology is an experimental scientific discipline and is of significant significance in medicine and associated health sciences usually been taken into consideration as an essential basis for clinical sciences. In recent time there was an accelerated trend in the direction of incorporation of medical problems inside the coaching of Physiology. To enhance clinical knowledge of students clinico-physiological conferences have been performed in physiology department for the last 13 years. The purpose of current study was to determine the perception of medical students regarding clinic-physiological conference.

Method: A descriptive cross-sectional was conducted in physiology department at the Lahore Medical & Dental college (LMDC), Lahore. The study group comprise of total 170 students from 2nd year and 3rd year MBBS classes. Convenient sampling approach was done. A 5-point Likert scale starting from 1 (strongly agree) to 5 (strongly disagree) become used to determine students’ perception towards clinic-physiological conferences with the use of a self-administered questionnaire. The data was analyzed using SPSS-20.

Outcomes: Total of 60% students found that clinic-physiological conferences provides self-motivation for improving knowledge. 69.4% students agreed these conferences provide better understanding of a clinical situation. 54% students were found that clinico-physiological conferences simplify the complex topics of physiology.

Conclusion:  The clinico-physiological conferences had been found useful, interesting and stated to be a very good supply of clinical information. It is recommended that those conferences need to be conducted more frequently, made more interactive and patients should be presented as case studies at some point of the conferences.

Keywords: Clinico-physiological conference, Physiology, innovative teaching, students’ perceptions, teaching methodology.

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