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Encumbrances in Attaining India’s Super Power Status

. Dr.K.MADESWARAN Assistant Professor Department of Political Science Thiruvalluvar Govt Arts College Rasipuram Namakkal District Tamilnadu


India is meant in different connotations and aspects according to the people’s understanding, in which people are able to quote and mention that India is developing country and under developing country despite many of leaders and people have been telling that India is a developing country since 1947.legitamatly and literally India has been meant by uneducated and educated people that it is one of the under developing country than developing country because ,since 1947 onwards it has been developing by not moving and touching even some criteria of  the developed country’s economic ,social and political status.  In this angle it seems to be every one of India’s citizens perception that India is not able to develop its destiny owing to large scale corruption and commission in all the government orifices and sectors thereby rich people, politicians and property holding community alone are able to determine India’s needs and fate than voting people or ordinary people. This paper is attempting to delineate and discuss India’s problem and prospects with an interest to analyse its backwardness in its social, political and economical aspects .Most of people are defending on the development of the India in terms of social, political and economical with an aim to strengthen their futures and career with an aim to poster their children life.

Keywords: Survival, Women’s rights, male domination, Partiality, Pathetic situation of women and scarcity of job.

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