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Archives - 2019

Smart Turbidity Monitoring and Data Acquisition using LabVIEW P.M.Gavhane1, D.S.Sutrave1 ,V.D.Bachuwar2, S.D.Gothe3 ,P.S. Joshi4 Published on : 2019-11-24

Cluster analysis on self-regulated learning to anticipate the success of online learning Dwi Sulisworo#1, Ika Maryani#2, Ariswan*3, Aris Thobirin#4 Published on : 2019-11-24

ANDROID PROJECTS ON ANDROID ATTACK APPLICATION Zainab Rustum Mohsin1, Auhood Mukr Dayish2, Baida Abdulredha Hamdan3 Published on : 2019-11-19

Future of Drone Technology in India Rama Prasanna Dalai#1 and Dr. Sidharth Sabyasachi#2 Published on : 2019-10-21

Market Sensing and Product Innovation Capabilities: Enhancing Marketing Performance Sudarwati*#1, W. Untoro#2, A. I. Setiawan#3, I. N. Q. Aini#4 Published on : 2019-08-26

PIFA Antenna Design for 5G Wireless Application Nahla Ali Tomah1,2 Fadhel Abd ALzahra1 Faris Mohammed Ali2 Published on : 2019-07-15

An Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy based on Reference Model Power System Stabilizer Waleed Abdulrazzaq Oraibi1, Mustafa Jameel Hameed2, Ahmed K. Abbas3 Published on : 2019-07-09

MHD FLOW OF NANOFLUIDS (Cu and TiO2) IN THE PRESENCE OF POROUS MEDIA, RADIATION AND HEAT GENERATION THROUGH A VERTICAL CHANNEL Ruchika Mehta1 , Tripti Mehta1 , Virendra S Chouhan2* & Dheeraj Udaiwal2 Published on : 2019-06-24

COMPARATIVE STUDY ON BEHAVIOR OF HOT ROLLED STEEL OVER COLD FORMED STEEL Sumit Shah1, S. Saranya2, P.Ashokkumar3, Dr. K. Jagadeesan4 Published on : 2019-06-11

Association between Self-control and Aggression: An Analysis among Low Socioeconomic Status Individuals in East Coast of Malaysia Mohammad Rahim Kamaluddin1, Nadiah Syariani Md. Shariff2, Norruzeyati Che Mohd Nasir3, Ahmad Shukri Abdul Hamid3, Geshina Ayu Mat Saat4, & Balan Rathakrishnan5 Published on : 2019-05-04

Understanding Kurdish Shopper’s Self-Concept for NIKE Brand Aland S. Abdulla Published on : 2019-04-04